The benefits of sacrifice can span much deeper and wider than you thought

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In a previous article, I wrote about the importance of picking your sacrifice; I explained that picking sacrifices is non-negotiable, either you pick the sacrifice or life will pick for you.

In this article, I’d like to go over some implicit benefits of sacrifice that often go unnoticed, but can be extremely powerful.

When something is implicit, it’s not directly expressed, it’s an intangible that exists but you can’t necessarily pinpoint it. To best get an idea of what an implicit benefit is, we could think of a sports athlete who is running 100m; they can have direct explicit benefits…

Someone’s opinion may have nothing to do with you

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From the day we are born, we have been taught to value the way other people view us. This isn’t just in an explicit sense, like when your teachers tell you to make a good impression on the school trip; or when your parents judge your career choice. It’s also implied implicitly within our societal structures.

We live in communities where we have to interact with other people daily. We have to work with each other. We enjoy leisure with others, play sports together, and rely on each other in many life facets. …

You don’t realise the full consequences of your actions

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Framing is a term used in behavioural economics to describe the way in which options are presented to people. In theory, whenever we make a decision, we should be trying to maximise our utility, which basically means, we make the choice that benefits us the most overall. It shouldn’t really matter how the choices are presented. However, in reality, this can largely affect the option we choose, sometimes leading us to make poor decisions that don’t benefit us overall.

It’s important to be aware of the way different types of frames are used in your day to day life, or…

How to stop unconsciously missing out on life

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In this day and age, too many people mindlessly coast through life — millennials especially.

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I’m just trying to get through the day,” or “I’m just trying to get through the week!”

Granted, life can have some difficult periods that we don’t want to go through, but how often does this turn into, “getting through” the month, then “getting through” the year …… When I use the term “get through,” I’m referring to those periods when we aren’t fully conscious or present in life; when we are going through something that we…

Only you can decide what works best for you, no one else

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Getting into personal development and self-help is one of the most profound, life-changing things anyone can do. The teachings, principles, insights, and perspectives that you’re exposed to can transform your life in ways you never even thought were possible. However, there is a major pitfall that I see a lot of people getting stumped by — myself included.

I used to take everything I read as gospel. I mean if it worked for the person teaching it, then it must work for everyone, right? You always see those ads on youtube, of some personal development guru, trying to sell you…

Too much pride keeps you blind and rigid

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We’ve all heard the saying “Pride comes before a fall” — Proverbs. If you haven’t, then you’ve probably heard a number of other sayings about the importance of “staying humble.”

If you’re like me, this was a thing people said, but it didn’t have an existential significance. I used to think being humble was just for appearances. You know, one of those things you do to look like a good person in front of other people. Something you do to not stir up jealousy in other people, because It’s not nice to rub stuff in other people’s faces.

It was…

There’s no getting your way out of this one

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It’s no secret to anyone that sacrifice is almost always required to get something you want in life. Almost every single successful person on this planet talks about the things they’ve had to sacrifice to get to where they are.

There is a famous quote by Mohammed Ali: “I hated every minute of training, but I said: ‘don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’” The most famous artists, musicians, entrepreneurs etc have all sacrificed to get to where they are. In his book outliers, Malcolm Gladwell writes about the “10,000 rule”: a figure…

Leverage the full power of your mind

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Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning. Sinclair (2011) described intuition as “direct knowing”; Vaughan (1979) explains intuition in terms of knowing without knowing. Almost everyone will have experienced this phenomenon at some point, you can feel something is wrong or right, but can’t quite understand why.

In the past this phenomenon has been disregarded as some airy-fairy, non-scientific, mystical type of process; however, in recent times the cognitive sciences have started to appreciate the legitimacy of intuition as an effective decision-making tool.

These scientists have found that our intuitions come from the unconscious mind…

You can’t do any more than your best

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We live in this new digital era, where there is so much to do, so much to choose from, and things are constantly changing at such a fast rate. Consequently, our lives are way busier than they used to be; these new super fast-paced lives that we live require us to make a lot more decisions, on a daily basis, than our predecessors ever had to.

For the majority of us, often making decisions can be quite a stressful process. A lot of us experience a great deal of discomfort and anxiety when it comes to making decisions. …

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I write about personal development, wellbeing, and tools for living a better life.

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